How To Bring The Best Out Of You as a Beginner Entrepreneur

How To Bring The Best Out Of You as a Beginner Entrepreneur - Frivilo

Hi, welcome or welcome back to Frivio. Do you ever feel like you can do so more as an entrepreneur but you’re getting pulled in 10 different directions? Their’s been a-lot of times that i felt the same. In this article I’m going to teach you a creators secret to bring the best out of you as a beginner entrepreneur.

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In other words how to bring out your superpower focus. Have you ever read the book Thinking and Grow Rich by, Napoleon Hill? If not you definitely should read it at some point. In that book he talks about the subconscious mind and how it’s one of the only direct connections to God that he thinks exist based on his knowledge.

It’s the part of your mind that is 10 times as powerful as your conscious mind. The simplest way to explain it is, it’s like when you get a hunch or a thought or idea flashes into your mind without you consciously thinking about it that’s the subconscious mind at work. Or even when you get into the zone or in flow state like Michael Jordan did playing basketball.

When you do something over and over so many times you can almost do it with your eyes closed, like driving a car or walking. Now let talk about how you can use that in your business.

How to Bring the best out of you as a beginner entrepreneur

Every business some more than others consist of a lot of different Rolls and when you’re starting off you usually have to do most of them, if not all of them. Because of that it can be very overwhelming at times. Especially when you’re just learning the different parts of your business.

How to bring the best out of you as a beginner Entrepreneur - Frivilo

Well after years of trial and error and a countless amount of practice, I’m going to share a hack to fast track your results and lower your stress from now on.

Step 1. Find out and write down all the different parts of your business

Step 2. Set up your schedule in about two weeks blocks at the beginning

Step 3. Focus on getting inflow with one part at a time for two weeks or more at a time

With those two weeks or more you must focus on learning and practicing that one part of your business for as many hours as possible. Do nothing on your free time but work on that thing.

I’m talking about 40 hours a week if you can. Then once you master that and master the flow of it you can do the same with the other parts of your business. Remember, two weeks is the minimum time frame to focus in on each part of your business that’s new to you but the longer the better.

Then repeat that process over and over every time you need to master a new work flow. This will fast-track your learning curve and save your head from exploding. LOL.

It worked for me with learning, applying and mastering 99 different things throughout my entrepreneurial Life. It just works! You’re welcome.

If you apply this to your business and life i know it will take you ability to learn new things quickly to another level. It can even help you to become the best at it. Wishing you all the best, Your Friend the Frivilo Entrepreneur

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