How to Control Your Environment as an Entrepreneur

How to Control Your Environment as an Entrepreneur-Frivilo

Have you ever felt stuck in your business or like you lacked motivation to do what needs to be done but didn’t know why? I’m sure we’ve all been there. In this post I’m going to reveal a simple hack that i use to get back in flow in the fastest time possible and why it’s important to control your environment as an entrepreneur.

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As an entrepreneur, in your business there are three stages. First there is the creation phase. In that phase you will coming up with the ideas and start putting it into action.

This second stage is, the momentum stage. That’s when things are in motion and you’ve got your workflow and action steps in place so you are consistently getting results,sales and happy customers.

How to Control Your Environment as an Entrepreneur - Frivilo

Then there is the third stage the stability phase. That’s when all the processes aren’t place and you’ve built a reputation and a brand people can trust. Most of the times at that point Systems are in place and things can work with all without you.

I’m going to be fully transparent with you. You won’t even be able to get to the momentum face without being able to control your environment. If you do, it will take twice as long and you will have to work double or the Triple as hard and you most likely won’t stay there.

This is why you must be able to gain control of your environment. Remember “Control your environment don’t let it control you”. This is not only with businesses, it’s with everything in life.

How to gain control your environment as an entrepreneur

I’ll give you a real-life example. My whole life I’ve been a very determined individual. If I want to get something done or say I’m going to do something it’s most likely going to happen. I’ve mastered the art of catching momentum in multiple areas of my life.

I lost momentum and gained it back countless times and almost every time I lost it it was because I was in a extremely distracting environment. And let’s be Clear catching momentum in anything is “bloody Hard work”, it takes a-lot of will power and pressure on yourself but when you’ve been doing it all your life you just know how.

But i have a confession for the last week or so I’ve been out of my flow. Me and my girlfriend have been arguing almost everyday and a-lot of degrading words have been thrown at me over and over again.

Most of the times it don’t make me pause in my productivity but every once in a while things like that actually affect me. So I started leaving all day even though my office is at home and also started meditating at night daily.

After two weeks of working at it, I’m finally getting back into flow. All I did was take control of my environment internally and externally. Trust me the power to control your environment as an entrepreneur is everything.

So when you’re out there building your dreams and things seem to be stuck pay attention to who you’re around and that language an energy they are giving off because unconsciously it affects everything in your life. After all, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Now go out there and build the life you know you deserve and never ever forget to control your environment. Don’t let it control you! Wishing you all the best. Your Friend, The Frivilo Enterpreneur

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