Why Beginner Entrepreneurs Should Understand Every Part Of Their Business

Have you ever felt powerless in your own business even after it was working? Well in this one i will share a story on why beginner entrepreneurs should understand every part of their business. Stay tuned…

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As an entrepreneur, as your business grows you must grow to match it. Your success will only grow to the level that you are at as a person. Have you ever saw or heard of someone that had a lot of money but within a short period of time Lost it all?

That’s because they didn’t grow within their self to match their income. With that being said, you must understand how every part of your business works. You don’t have to know every detail but you need to know enough about all parts.

Why You Should Understand every part of your business as a Beginner Entrepreneur

I’ll share a story with you. When I was a couple years into learning and building my online business. I had a few technical issues with my website. I didn’t know what was wrong all I knew is I ran some updates and out of nowhere a few of my website pages stopped working correctly.

I tried doing some research and applying what they said to do but nothing worked. So I called my web hosting providers customer service in desperation for help. They then proceeded to troubleshoot or try some methods to get to work correctly again and like magic it started working as normal.

Why You Should Understand every part of your business as a Beginner Entrepreneur - Frivilo

I thanked them in joy and in return they asked me to leave them a good review after the call. So I agreed. At the time I had a eight month year-old daughter and I was on daddy duties that day.

They ended the call and forwarded me to the phone operated review so i can say how good they were. When the review started my daughter started screaming so I can barely hear what the automated review voice was saying.

All I knew is I had to press a number 1-4 to give a good or bad review. I assume that the number 1 was the best so I pressed number 1. But my little girl wouldn’t calm down so i did what a good dad would do and I hung up the phone.

Five minutes later not only the website that we just fixed was down, but all three of my websites where down. Not only down, they completely disappeared. So I logged into the back end to see what was going on only to find out that all my files were erased.

I call back in panic and luckily the manager was able to retrieve my websites from their in-house automatic backup. What a stressful day. I later found out that pressing the number 1 on the customer service review was the worst review I could give.

So that made the customer service rep erase my files out of spite. The fact that they had the power to do that didn’t sit right with me and from that day forward I never wanted to feel like that again.

So I made sure to learn everything I needed to know about updates in fixing my own websites. Three months later I had my own hosting, that only I could control and i understood everything inside and out.

This is a perfect example on why it’s very important to know how every part of your business works, so you’re not completely vulnerable on your entrepreneurial journey.

I hope this post give you some insight so you don’t have to learn the hard way one day. Wishing you all the best on your Journey. Your friend, The Frivilo Entrepreneur

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