Ignore The Noise and Focus On Your Work

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Do you find it hard to focus consistently? In a world where the the average attention span is seven seconds this is important more than ever if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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I’ve been in a entrepreneur for 16 years. I’ve had lots of successes and learn lots of lessons somethings not going my way. But regardless of how was going at any given time I always had distractions trying to get in the way. Whether it was self-induced or people on the outside criticizing me I had to learn early on to ignore the noise and focus on my goals.

Ignore The Noise and Focus On Your Goals

It’s 2020 and being a entrepreneur is buzzing more than it ever did before. I mean it’s almost as cool as being an actor or a Rapper. So now a lot of people that would have never considered it wants to give it a shot.

Also with the building of technology now being so accessible to the everyday person there are huge opportunities for the people that are willing to learn. That’s if they wanted bad enough! There’s also a very low barrier entry compared to just five years ago.

But what about the other parts of being an entrepreneur? You see, being in the entrepreneurship space comes with a lot challenges. Like getting funding, being broke because you bet on ideas that didn’t work out, missing out on fun times, temporary failure and a lot more.

Ignore the noise and focus on your goals . Frivilo

But in my opinion from being an entrepreneur all of my adult life. The hardest part is staying on track when things are not going your way.

You see, even though being a entrepreneur is trending at the moment you’ll still have a large group of people telling you that you’re crazy. You’re wasting your time, you work too hard, try something else and everything else under the sun to “help you”.

Just know that until you have some success, you might have times that you feel very lonely on your entrepreneurial journey. But don’t give up! One of the major skills that you must develop to be successful at this is ignoring the noise and voices of others and staying focused even when it seems like nobody believes in what you’re doing.

Everyone thinks they’re an expert

Almost everyone has something to say about what you should and shouldn’t be doing, even if they’ve never done it before. It’s going to be hard, sometimes uncomfortable and even disappointing but that’s ok. If you stick at it, keep trying new angles, and keep believing in yourself by way of taking action.

You will become successful eventually and I promise it’ll all be worth it. But also if you really want this and you quit at some point you will regret it later. Remember, your dreams and goals are yours so don’t ever gave someone else the power to take it away. Keep going.

I hope these words brought value to you and that it helps you to keep going as a entrepreneur. You deserve everything that you’re willing to fight for and that includes your dreams coming true.

As always, wishing you all the best. Your friend, The Fivilo Entrepreneur

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