How Negative Energy Can Stop Entrepreneurs From Winning

How Negative Energy Can Stop Entrepreneurs From Winning - Frivilo

Have you ever felt like you’ve been giving it your all but for some reason you still felt stuck? If you’re an entrepreneur, an artist or a human bean trying to do better you will love this post.

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Have you ever met someone that for no reason at all, they had something against you. You’ve been respectful and kind to them every time you see them but you keep feeling the negative energy coming from them anyway.

It’s almost like they’re jealous or like they think they know something you don’t know. Well, growing up as a kid in Brooklyn and teenager in Miami, I’ve felt that feeling countless times.

I would meet someone and be able to tell if they were being genuine or not just by their energy. As a teenager I had friends that said negative things about me just to make themselves look good. Even as an adult today, things are sometimes the same.

It’s like we live in a world where people let envy, insecurity and spite control their actions way too much. As an entrepreneur this type of behavior from others has forced me to remove a-lot of people from my life, overtime.

Why you must remove your self from toxic energy to win big

How Negative Energy Can Stop Entrepreneurs From Winning - Frivilo

It caused me to have a smaller circle these days, spending a-lot more time alone and working on my self-development. I guess this is why they say, success is a lonely Journey. Because one thing I know for sure is, you must remove yourself from toxic energy if you want to win big.

When you’re working on building a business, becoming a better artist, or even just becoming a better person. It’s really hard to focus with negative energy around you.

If your spouse is an abusive unhappy person, it’s very hard to have a happy household. If they lie all the time about what they’re going to do and treat you badly it can be very hard to trust them and even harder for you to thrive.

All I’m saying is, we must protect ourselves from these things. We must learn to become more conscious of what we allow into our lives. It’s the only way to become the best version of ourselves and find true harmony in our life. This is what we all deserve so why settle for less.

Remember this, how you feel on a daily basis directly affects the outcome of your future. After all we are who you surround ourselves with.

I hope this post helps to give you some guidance moving forward towards more success. Wishing you all the best. Your friend, The Frivilo Entrepreneur

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