Why Everyone Can’t Go To The Next Level With You

Why Everyone Can't Go To The Next Level With You - Frivilo

Are you the type of person that wants to see everyone win? Do you see the best in people and try to push them in the right direction? if so, in this post i share my story on how i learned that everyone can’t go to the next level with you.

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Growing up in Brooklyn New York and South Florida I’ve developed a real team mentality. I mean, coming from nothing and being born in Trinidad and Tobago, I’ve always wanted to help the less fortunate.

I always told myself that I would get rich one-day and bring others with me. So, in my early 20’s I began to study what the wealthy was doing, that I wasn’t. What was this special way of thinking that allowed them to accumulate all of their success?

Over time i found out that it wasn’t because they were smarter or because they got lucky. In fact, most of them came from nothing just like me. They just learned how to become successful from doing it and they never stopped learning.

So I began to implement the mindset of other successful entrepreneurs. It took a-lot of time to learn the new skills i needed and to learn how to communicate more effectively.

But after spending a lot more time alone getting to know myself, reading, watching videos on the subject and giving up a lot of social time it eventually started to payoff mentally. And after doing that for years and years I started to become successful.

Why success can be a lonely journey for an entrepreneur

I felt like I discovered gold started sharing this path and my journey with friends and family. I would tell them what I was working on and send them videos that helped me to improve my mindset.

But after a few years, I quickly noticed that it was starting to annoy some of them and even causing some of them to envy me. They were taking that information I was giving them the wrong way and it started to make some of them feel like they were not doing anything Great.

But that was not my intentions. My brother stop answering most of my calls, friend started to go out of their way not to help me and my girlfriend at the time started to find things to pick at because I was focused on these big goals and she wasn’t.

It was very confusing times. That’s when I had the relaxation that I can’t take everyone to the next level with me. So my childhood dream of winning with the people I grew up with was just my dream and no one else’s. Besides everyone has their own definition of winning.

It was a hard pill to swallow. From that lesson, I learned to embrace the fact that success can be a lonely journey but Eagles fly alone.

I hope you got some insight out of me sharing one of the toughest times in my life. As always, wishing you all the best on your journey. Your friend, The Frivilo Entrepreneur

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