How Uncertain Times Can Make or Break You as a Beginner Entrepreneur

How Uncertain Times Can Make Or Break You as an Enterpreneur - Frivilo

So you want to be rich hah? You want to buy fancy cars and homes hah? You’re a future millionaire and entrepreneur hah? We’ll see about that.

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I hear the stories all the time. I was about to blow up but, I was getting to the next level but then. But, but, but. The truth is uncertain times can make or break you as an entrepreneur.

Most people just don’t have what it takes to make it through the storm. First lets be clear, making a few hundred dollars from selling a few things does not make you an entrepreneur. It makes you someone dad sold a few things that’s it.

How Uncertain Times Can Make Or Break You as an Entrepreneur - Frivilo

Entrepreneurship is about, can you solve problems for other people and do it over and over? Can you do it better and better? Can you do it in other areas if you needed to? Can you do it again if you gained it all then lost it all.

It’s about how you deal with or react to the bad uncertain times that makes or breaks you as a beginner entrepreneur. Most just throwing the towel and go back and get a job because it safe. And I don’t blame them because it’s hard to build a business and rebuild it again but that’s what it takes most times.

The bigger the goal the more layers of challenges and the harder it is. In a way you have to be crazy enough to believe that you can do things that you don’t know how to do and be willing to fail over and over again until you get it right.

But even when you get it right if you want to keep it right you have to be able to fix it if it goes wrong again. It sounds like pure craziness to the advantage person . But really it’s who you become in the process that makes you a success. So i have a real question for you, will you allow uncertain times to make or break you as an entrepreneur? It’s all up to you.

My goal in this post was to push you towards your dreams and make it very clear what it’s going to take to succeed as an entrepreneur long term. I hope you found it valuable.

Wishing you all the best on your Journey. Your Friend The Frivilo Entrepreneur.

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