Commit First and Figure Out the Rest Later

Commit First and Figure Out The Rest Later - Frivilo

Do you find yourself procrastinating on doing new things until you figured out every tiny little detail. Being someone with a analytical mind myself i sometimes struggle with the exact same behavior. In this post i’m going to reveal some of the things I’ve learned and applied over the years that helped me to brake out of that cycle quickly.

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You must commit first and figure out the rest later. There’s many times that i got to the point where I knew what needed to be accomplished but I didn’t have any clue on how to do. A lot of these times we’re very scary and intimidating to say the least.

It’s like whenever we going in uncharted waters the human brain tricks us into being afraid even when their’s nothing to be afraid of. As human we are all wired the same so we all go through the same thing. But as entrepreneurs it’s our job to take action anyway.

Commit First and Figure Out The Rest Later - Frivilo

Jump into your dreams as an entrepreneur

The winners jump in the “uncharted waters” every day until they eventually learn how to swim. Ask or research any pro atalete and they’ll tell you the same thing but they find a way to get there. The good part about being an entrepreneur is once we learn how to do the task we can then hire other people to do some of the swimming for us.

The point is don’t let fear to get in the way of you jumping into new areas of business or life. You jumping is the only way you’ll be able to show someone else the way and make a way for your self.

I promise you this if you stick at it you’ll figure it out and you’ll look back and wonder why you were afraid in the first place.

Remember this, for things to change your mindset and daily activities has to change. And of course, the way you react to fear also has to change. Then and only then your life will change. Just Know that you’ve got a lot of swimming to do because everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear. So of you really want your dreams to come true, find a way and go make it happen.

Wishing you all the best. The frivilo Entrepreneur

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