Control Your Mind Don’t Let It Control You

Control Your Mind Don't Let It Control You - Frivilo

Have you met someone that reacted without thinking or said they wanted to stop doing something but kept doing it for some reason? Well in this post we’ll talk all about it.

Control your mind don’t let it control you. I wrote that in my bio on Facebook five years ago and I’ve been working on it ever since. In the last five years of my life, in a lot of ways I’ve become a master of my own mind.

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You see, I went from knowing nothing about building websites or selling online. Having no one in my family that ever built websites or made money online. To building, designing and owning three world-class platforms.

Control Your Mind Don't Let It Control You - Frivilo

I also did it on my own from the other side of the world, with no friends and family to support me. Now how is this possible? I began to understand how the mind works.

Become a programmers of the mind

You ever heard of that line, you are what you eat? Well you also become what you think about. In those five years I spent 50% to 60% of my time thinking about and learning what I needed to do to become a tech entrepreneur. Then slowly, I became the man I am today.

It wasn’t by accident, it was on purpose. On this journey I notice that we are all programmed. So now having the type of personality that i have I need to know who was doing the programming.

I’ve began to observe my own behavior and other people’s behavior around me and came to conclusion that as adults we program ourselves. So with enough time, effort and surrounding ourselves with the right people or message we can reprogram ourselves to become anything be want.

We just have to make a conscious decision to take control. If we don’t, something or someone else will. I hope you got something good out of this post and as always, Wishing you all the best. Your friend, The Frivilo Entrepreneur

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