How Your Environment Can Affect Your Success as an Entrepreneur

How Your Environment Can Affect Your Success As An Entrepreneur - Frivilo

Have you ever felt like it’s harder to focus for some reason when you’re not in your office? Well, in this post we brake down why this might be happening and what to work on to fix it.

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As an entrepreneur, your environment is everything. It’s what you listen to, it’s what or who you spend your time around, and it’s also where you are as far as location on the globe.

How your environment can affect your entrepreneurial success

They all play huge role on what every day life is like and what you believe is possible. Being someone from New York City, being around large crowds and seeing bright lights at night really excite me.

It’s almost like I feed off of other people’s buzzing energy. Even if I can just see it from my window, that alone can give me the buzz I need.

But on the other hand their are the opposite type of people like my partner. She grew up in the country on acreage with cows and chickens so she might not want, need or appreciate that buzz that the city gives you.

In fact it can make her feel less productive and more distracted at times. So everyone’s different. It can also depend on if you’re an extrovert or an introvert.

Really, what it all boils down too is taking the time to get to know yourself. Then finding ways to create the environment that works for you specifically and intentionally doing the things that you need to do to propel yourself to more business success.

Here’s something even better you can do. Master the art of creating that environment in your mind even when you’re not actually in it. If you can do that and keep building your business, you’ll become a successful entrepreneur, for-sure.

These little things like who we’re around, where we live and our mindset affects our results more than we think. But if we decide to take control and be intentional we can do virtually anything we put our mind too.

Wishing you all the best. Your Friend, The Frivilo Entrepreneur.

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