What’s More Important Your Job Or Your Purpose In Life

What's More Important Your Job Or Your Purpose In Life - Frivilo

Did you know that working a 9-to-5 consistently takes up approximately one third of your adult life? So that means you will spend one third of your life working, another one third of your life sleeping and the other one third of your life doing the other things. And still most of us would be lucky to own a house and our vehicles at the age of retirement.

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If you’re clued in you can invest some of that money but most of us wouldn’t know where to start. But, when you’re focused on purpose or your life work that’s a whole another story.

I began this journey at about age 8 when I discovered that I could write poems very well. My mother told me I was good at it, so I got even more into it and started doing it more often.

A job verses using your gifts and talents in life

That skill later it turned into writing songs, which turned into recording myself. By age 21 that turned into being able to audio engineer. By age 29 that gave me the idea to start learning to build websites because I convince myself that I needed one for my music.

What's More Important Your Job Or Your Purpose In Life - Frivilo

At the time was going through a huge transition in my life. I just moved to another country and I couldn’t bring all my audio recording equipment so I felt completely out of place.

I remember I was watching a video on a black billionaire and he was saying that they took almost all the music classes like Band and Choir out of the Standard education system in America.

He also shared that Studies show that creating music is what helps develop this same part of the brain that makes you good at writing code and creating technology. So I decided to test this theory on myself.

By age 33 I had a basic understanding of the online world and built three websites as practice one being a membership platform. By age 35 I own three world class platforms we mapped out a $100 million plan based off of my knowledge and the rest will be history.

Moral of the story is, you can have your job but make sure you find out what you’re good at and transfer that into things that could get you the life you really want.

But you can only do that by keeping track and continuing your life work. A job alone and doing what ever you feel like on your spare time will not get you that. You need to use your gifts and be consistent.

Wishing you all the best. Your Friend, The Frivilo Entrepreneur

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